We might know so much about maths, football, games, sciences, entrepreneurs and even the secret lives of celebrities but how much do we really know ourselves?

This relative deficit in self-knowledge is a problem in our world. There is a problem when we do not recognise, understand and better control the way we act. There is a problem when our emotional intelligence is not as sound as it should be or when our interpersonal relationship skills are starving. These are major reasons for the misunderstanding and poor human relationships in our world, today — a bedrock for the displeasure we see around us globally.

At Smarter thunder, we desire, enthusiastically, to address these personal and societal issues with vital facts that helps you live the best life you can, help enhance your emotional intelligence, improve interpersonal relationships with people and give you hindsight to knowing why you take the actions you take.

We believe a Carter Godwin Woodson quote that says, when you give a man a renewed mind, you need not worry about his actions. You don’t even have to control his behaviour; he would, naturally, find his “proper place” and stay in it.

In one sentence: we equip you with the skill to strike your world smarter.

Let’s build something together.

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