I laugh at myself now that I remember: I was sickly scared of the dark. Locking me in a dark room, when I was barely ten, would evaporate any iota of stubbornness or rudeness I had in me.  I would promise earnestly, tears flowing from the creak of my soul, that I wouldn’t commit that…


Self-esteem is basically the general perception of one’s worth or value. It presents itself to varying degrees in everyone. A couple of people have a medium sized esteem, some have a thick self-esteem, many others are saddled with a worrisomely malnourished or thin self-esteem.

How The Pygmalion Effect Affects You

Winifred never felt like a student. She struggled to stay within the average range for most courses. Then it happened one day, their lecturer got transferred and another had to replace the position. His name was professor Sam E. He had the friendliness that Winifred had never expected from any lecturer. Somehow he asked aContinue reading “How The Pygmalion Effect Affects You”